026 China/8–1349: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 935. Summary of Chinese Government official statement on White Paper due for release here probably August 14, given us today by Cheng Szu-yuan, Deputy Secretary Kmt53 Supreme Policy Committee. Copy of statement in hand, Cheng gave gist as follows:

Chinese Government realizes White Paper only a record and in this record Chinese Government grateful for past US aid and support always mindful long Sino-American friendship. China’s present distress due in part to 8 years’ war resistance, but another large part due (1) Yalta Agreement which gave Manchuria to Russia at China’s expense, and (2) US mistaken view of CCP54 as agrarian reform group. US has finally come around to realizing, as China did long ago, that CCP is dictatorial party and part of international aggressive movement directed by Russia. China needs aid of US and all other democratic peace-loving countries, but, aided or not, free China will fight Communists to bitter end.

After summary, Cheng rightfully remarked statement very mild. We could say it contains nothing unexpected. Statement, which must still undergo final grammatical polish, was approved at fourth regular meeting SPC55 today and is combination Foreign Office and SPC efforts.

Sent Department Cantel 934, repeated Taipei 11.

  1. Kuomintang (Nationalist Party).
  2. Chinese Communist Party.
  3. Supreme Policy Committee.