026 China/8–149: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Officers 46

Dept is issuing for publication August 5 1500 hours Gmt47 White Paper on China covering Sin[o]-US relations in some detail during past five years. Text Letter of Transmittal being addressed by SecState to Pres despatched to you air pouch July 30 and will be transmitted in wireless bulletin August 4. Full text White Paper being forwarded by air about August 2. Special guidance for public affairs officers also being pouched. Length Letter of Transmittal and Paper precludes sending summary by tel.

For your info Paper is very frank picture Sin-US relations during period covered. Letter Transmittal provides summary of high points and interpretation US policy during period but does not except in broadest terms deal with future policy toward Far East. Further suggestions re future steps will probably be included in press statements by Pres and Sec which will also be covered by wireless bulletin.

VOA and WB48 will report fully analyses of and developments re White Paper. Request field report local reaction with suggestions re publicity.

  1. Sent to 51 diplomatic missions and to 12 consular posts.
  2. Greenwich mean time.
  3. Voice of America and Weekly Bulletin.