Executive Secretariat Files

The Acting Secretary of State to the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (Souers)

Pursuant to NSC Action No. 123, October 6, 1948, the following progress report on the implementation of NSC 11/3,25 U.S. Naval Forces at Tsingtao, is submitted for the information of the Council:

The Commander of U.S. Naval Forces, Western Pacific, has reported that all remaining U.S. Naval units were withdrawn from Tsingtao on May 25, 1949. With this action, the phased withdrawal of Naval Forces from Tsingtao has been completed.

Since there are no longer U.S. Naval Forces stationed at Tsingtao, the action contemplated in NSC 11/3 (Tab A),25 coordination of which was assigned to the Secretary of State, may be considered completed and, consequently, no further reports with respect to NSC 11/3 will be made.

James E. Webb
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