811.3393/5–2549: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao (Strong) to the Secretary of State

207. Balance US naval forces leaving 4 p. m. today following fall Shanghai. Chinese forces have been loading for 2 days and additional ships due shortly. [In] view departure US vessels, expect Chinese commander rush completion evacuation troops and govt officials. Troops pulled into inner line, Communists have occupied points 15 miles from city. Hsuehchiatao, across bay from city, was abandoned yesterday. No sign disorder in city. Police have 500-ton vessel for their [Page 1208] evacuation. Have learned mayor wishes remain but forced to go view threats he be branded collaborator and opportunist.

No satisfactory response yet received from mayor and military commander reference joint letter from foreign consuls May 23 requesting assurance foreign lives and property to be protected during evacuation and urging measures be taken by able local leaders organize for temporary govt direction until another administration installed. Have reports PPC22 troops already on police duty in city (mytel 157 to Nanking May 23, repeated OffEmb Canton 59, Dept 203).23

Sent Nanking 158, repeated OffEmb Canton 60, Dept 207.

  1. Peace Preservation Corps.
  2. Not printed.