811.3393/2–449: Telegram

The Consul at Tsingtao (Strong) to the Secretary of State

65. Remytel 61 to Embassy, February 2, repeated Canton 1, Department 61. Badger yesterday drew different picture function Marines Tsingtao. Stated only shore patrol status, would not be used protect Americans, other foreigners except by concentration or evacuation or request Embassy or Consulate General. Has authority retain them here maximum one month or approximately end February connection recreation facilities and as calming effect on reaction withdrawal others. Possibly withdraw them approximately 2 weeks. Tsingtao thus revert status of only another Chinese coastal city with naval vessels standing by for emergency.

Expect dispatch vessels Burma area view disorders there.

Shall advise US citizens USS General Anderson last available transport sailing about February 12. Expect other nationalities wishing evacuation will be transported Shanghai.

Sent Nanking 65, repeated Canton 2, Department 65.