811.3393/1–1749: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

129. Admiral Badger came to town this week end. Shortly after his arrival I received word that Generalissimo wanted to see him. We called at 2 Sunday afternoon. Generalissimo asked Badger about plans of US Navy in Tsingtao: Whether it was staying or leaving. Badger handled interview well.

With respect to movement of planes from shore to carriers, he said that this was being done to avoid any possible incident with Chinese during these critical times and as part of winter program; and that men and equipment are being readied for transfer to vessels. He left impression that US Navy might withdraw entirely from Tsingtao but emphasized that this was policy decision which could only come from Washington. Interview was brief and Generalissimo did not ask Badger’s views regarding [re]inforcement Tsingtao garrison by National troops (see Tsingtao’s 31, January 15 to Department).

Generalissimo made no comment on Badger’s replies. Although affable and friendly as usual, he looked more haggard and worried than I have seen him in some time.

Tsingtao pass ComNavWesPac your discretion.

Pouched Tsingtao.