893.801/8–1049: Telegram

The Consul at Shanghai (McConaughy) to the Secretary of State

3155. Only foreign ships entering Shanghai during July and since beginning so-called blockade June 25 were British tug Caroline Moller from Manila which towed disabled SS Anchises to Kobe leaving Shanghai July 29 and 1 small Japanese, Kosuka Maru 20 NRT entered from Japan July 16, cleared for Chinnampo, North Korea, 19th. Three small Chinese ships entered from Chinese coastal ports, 2 for [Page 1130] Tientsin, 1 for Julian[?]. All 6 under 100 NRT. This is full extent custom clearances but there are reports some small sailing craft are slipping through with passengers and cargo. Re large vessels blockade has been completely effective. On August 2 British Edith Moller 260 registered tons arrived from Hong Kong. Cleared for Hong Kong Aug. 8. July customs clearances for Yangtze River ports were: Ships under 100 NRT 313 totaling 12526 tons. One hundred to 999 NRT 192 totaling 38069 tons. Over 1000 NRT 11 totaling 25557 tons. Entries from Yangtze ports. Under 100 NRT 320 totaling 12885 tons. One hundred to 999 NRT 194 totaling 41485 tons. Over 1000 NRT 6 totaling 11521 tons. Figures on sailing vessels not available but it is known they are used extensively. Dearth of larger ships continues with no increase in sight while Shanghai remains closed port. LST’s and LSM’s which are known to remain Communist hands now being used mostly for military purposes and not available commercial trade. Local Chinese press reports plans of Communists for building ships and establish inland services but this considered unlikely accomplishment near future.

Sent Department 3155, repeated Nanking 1731, Canton 977.