893.801/8–749: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Jones) to the Secretary of State

1733. Before his departure,54 Ambassador learned from reliable source of conversation between General Chen Yi55 and Chen Ming-shu56 in Shanghai which may offer some explanation Communist allegations Communist China port blockade is of American origin. (See Shanghai telegram 2906, July 23, repeated Nanking 1634.57) Chen Yi said Communist intelligence reported that it was Admiral Badger58 who had first suggested idea of blockade to Generalissimo. He added that it was obvious, in light this suggestion, that blockade represented official US policy. Source of report locally was Lo Hai-sha, confidant of Chen Ming-shu and latter’s Nanking representative.

While we are not inclined give credence to this piece Communist intelligence, it may indicate predilection of CCP59 agents for reporting what they think their superiors would like to hear. Likewise possible this allegation will be introduced into CCP propaganda re blockade at opportune moment.

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