893.801/0–2349: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 638. Following is full text translation FonOff Note 5938 [5138], Cantel 628, June 21:14

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to the American Embassy and has the honor to state that the Government of China has now decided that the following regions from the north bank of the mouth of the Min River, longitude 119.40 east and latitude 26.15 north to the mouth of the Liao River, longitude 122.20 east and latitude 40.30 north, which lie along the coast and within the territorial waters of China shall be temporarily closed, and entry therein of foreign [Page 1104]vessels shall be strictly forbidden. Instructions have already been issued by the Government of China that beginning from midnight of June 25 of this year prompt actions shall be taken to prevent violations of this decision by foreign vessels. All foreign vessels shall themselves be responsible for any danger resulting from their violation of this decision.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also wishes to call Embassy’s attention to the fact that during the period of rebellion suppression the Government of China decided on June 18 of this year to close all ports originally declared open but no longer under the actual control of the Government of China. Included in this category are Yungchia Ningpo, Shanghai, Tientsin and Chinghuangtao, where no commercial shipping by sea shall be permitted.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests the Embassy to give due consideration to this matter and to transmit the contents of this note to the American Government and promptly notify the American shipping companies concerned to act accordingly.”

  1. Telegram not printed; it gave substance of Chinese note (893.801/6–2149).