893.00 Tibet/12–1249: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Secretary of State

4921. Reference Embtel 4903, December 9. Foreign Office position paper re Tibet categorically states that while British still interested in Tibet maintaining its autonomy, Tibetan problem is almost exclusively of concern to India. Britain is prepared to support any action India may take to assist Tibet in maintaining its autonomy, but would wish to discourage direct military intervention by India.

When asked whether Chinese Communist threat to Tibetan autonomy would cause a revision in the British attitude, Scott40 said he believed any British military assistance would be limited to supply of small quantity firearms to India which would enable that country to supply equivalent amount to Tibet. Any training of Tibetan troops would necessarily be undertaken by India.

  1. E. J. F. Scott of the Far Eastern Department, British Foreign Office.