501.BB Palestine (E)/12–949: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Secretary of State

4903. Reference Deptel 4371, December 7.38 Apparently identical telegram received by Foreign Office same date.

Foreign Office showed Embassy official text telegram of December 8 to New Delhi which expresses opinion USSR would veto Tibetan application UN; suggests that impracticability Tibetan proposal be explained to Kashag, preferably through Indian resident Lhasa; stresses desirability close cooperation with India; and requests that if possible special mission be held up in India and received jointly by UKHC39 and Indian Government. If Indian Government agrees, then interim reply will be sent discouraging Tibetan proposal and suggesting special mission be held up pending receipt considered reply. Similar but briefer message sent same date Karachi for information Pakistan Government and to obtain its views.

  1. See footnote 35 to telegram No. 878, December 7, 4 p. m., to the Ambassador in India, p. 1089.
  2. United Kingdom High Commission.