893.00 Tibet/11–2849

The British Embassy to the Department of State 30

The Secretary of State31 has received a communication from the Tibetan Government Foreign Bureau enclosing a copy of a letter to Mao Tse Tung requesting him to respect Tibetan independence. The message to Mr. Bevin states that if Chinese Communist leader takes aggressive attitude the Government of Tibet will be obliged to defend her own country and requests help from His Majesty’s Government. The letter also requests us to consider extensive aid in respect of requirements for civil and military purposes and asks for early favourable reply. Mr. Bevin is sending an interim reply saying that their communication is receiving sympathetic consideration.

We should like to know whether the United States Government has received a similar communication and, if so, what attitude will be taken.

  1. Handed to the Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs (Butterworth) by the Counselor of the British Embassy (Graves) on November 28, 1949.
  2. For Foreign Affairs, Ernest Bevin.