893.00 Tibet/11–2249: Telegram

The Chargé in India (Donovan) to the Secretary of State

1449. Embtel 1437, November 21. Roberts, Deputy UK High Commissioner, raised question Tibet during course conversation today. I told him Parsons24 was in touch with Selby25 regarding letter submitted by Tibetan delegate for transmission Washington.

I then said it seemed there was very little GoI could do about Tibet insofar as Communist Government taking over. Roberts replied this was probably true but that British Government certainly did not wish encourage tendency on part of GoI “throw up its hands and say nothing could be done and retire to its own frontiers”. He then added there was “too much of a tendency in that direction on part of GoI”. He said UK High Commissioner had advised GoI that it should endeavor every way possible maintain relations with Tibet on old basis. Roberts then referred complicated relationship between Tibet and Nepal, especially reference special position held by Nepalese in Tibet. If Tibet went Communist, situation Nepal might become embarrassing since its frontier with India was anything but insurmountable and Nepal itself spread over into the United Provinces. Roberts admitted British policy toward issue under changed situation had not been finally formulated.

  1. James G. Parsons, First Secretary of Embassy in India.
  2. Ralph Selby, of the United Kingdom High Commission in India.