893.00 Tibet/6–449: Airgram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kohler) to the Secretary of State

A–577. Reference is made to New Delhi’s despatch no. 302 of April 12, 1949, entitled “American Policy Towards Tibet”, and to its despatch no. 420 of May 21, 1949, entitled “Transmission of Memoranda of Conversation with Indian External Affairs Officials Regarding Tibet”.

This Embassy fully supports the suggestion in New Delhi’s despatch no. 302 that the Department give consideration to the advisability of establishing some sort of contact with the Government of Tibet. Although as New Delhi points out, Tibet is of little importance to the United States either economically or strategically, control of that vast Central Asian area by elements subject to the plans and policies of the Kremlin would have an adverse effect on the American position in Asia generally.

In any review of United States policy towards Tibet due consideration might also be given to the advantages which would accrue from initiating an informal exchange of views on the problem with appropriate officials of the Government of India. Indian concern over the [Page 1076]possible impact of recent Chinese developments on the internal situation in Tibet would appear to offer an excellent opportunity for us to show by both word and action a sympathetic understanding of the Indian attitude vis-à-vis Tibet and, by so doing, to help forge a common front against further Communist encroachments in Asia.