761.9327/4–1949: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

791. April 15, L. K. Shaw (Hsiao Li-kwun), Chief of section, Chinese CAA,31 in friendly call on Embassy officer asked for letter introduction American Consul, Tihwa. Shaw proceeding Tihwa as single Ministry Commerce representative Sino-Soviet airline talks. He said another representative was to accompany him but Ministry decided single delegate sufficient. Shaw said reports 25-year pact planned erroneous but Soviets do seek 20-year term. He thinks agreement will be reached; expects remain Tihwa 6 to 8 weeks.

Requested letter introduction to Paxton given Shaw, who insisted letter include no reference his mission because he merely hoped seek relaxation in social intercourse at Consulate. In past, Shaw not too hesitant reveal certain details other negotiations by Chinese especially Chinese position, and should he present letter Consul probably can learn progress negotiations. Speaks English well, visited US twice, once very recently and attended international aviation meetings Geneva.

Re Shanghai’s 1097 to Department,32 repeated Nanking 641, Cantel 237, Tihwa 80. Shaw claimed proposal Soviet planes fly Shanghai return for grant reciprocal permission Chinese planes fly London via Soviet his own idea to provide useful service for Convairs purchased by CATC.33 He agreed limited demand Shanghai–Moscow, but thought Shanghai-London via Soviet would meet sizable paying demand. He said idea dropped for present but probable effective use Convairs remains.

Sent Tihwa 34; repeated Department 791, Shanghai 393, Embassy Canton 265.

  1. Civil Aeronautics Administration.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Central Air Transport Corporation.