740.00119 FEAC/4–2649: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Political Adviser in Japan (Sebald)


166. Subj is Summary Steering Committee Meeting, April 19, 1949.

Agrarian Reform in Japan ( SC 335/4)

US member proposed following alternative to US amendments to Para 3 c: “to these ends, the FEC approves the basic principles underlying the measures set forth in paragraph 2 above and the implementation of an agrarian reform program embodying those principles.” Amendment failed receive support other members and Para 3c referred to ad hoc Comite.

Fishing and Aquatic Industries in Japan ( SC 271/10)

UK member said he could not support US paper (SC 271/7) since provision authorizing SCAP extend present fishing areas very vague. UK could accept paper along lines SC 271/10. He also felt that re Para 6 SCAP be authorized take preventive steps against offenders reported to him and proved to have sailed in prohibited areas and that irrespective any action taken by member Govts, permission to fish be withdrawn from offending person and those responsible for his activities. Canad amendment to delete “informed SCAP it has” from Para 2 b of SC 271/10 supported by Chi, Fr, and Neth members. Sov amendment that Para 2b of SC 271/10 be amended to read: “No extension of Japanese fishing or other commercial aquatic activities beyond the foregoing area should be permitted without prior authorization by the FEC” defeated by vote 9 opposed, 1 favor and 1 abstention (Chi).

Labor Policy in Japan ( SC 318/7)

In lengthy statement US member stated US from beginning taken lead in endeavoring create independent, free, and democratic labor movement; that this proposal had not been adequately discussed; that there should be clarification expressions “workers” and “Government enterprises” and careful consideration of desirability recognizing unrestricted right to strike by Govt workers in essential services, right which would be recognized subj to SCAP’s right to prohibit strike which would prejudice occupation, if Austral paper became FEC policy decision. UK member stated was still view of his Govt that original FEC policy decision applied workers in Govt enterprises. Austral member associated himself with UK view.

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Replacement of Lost Cultural Objects (SE 272/12)

Chi member replied to US statement presented last meeting, contending there is no adequate reason for postponing consideration of subj until peace conference.

Removal of Aircraft and Private Munitions Plants from Japan ( SC 312)

Phil member reiterated desire of his Govt that US make reply to UK query.