501.BC Indonesia/11–749: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Netherlands (Chapin) to the Secretary of State

secret   priority

1066. Hicus 94. UNCI held Sunday forenoon last formal meeting intended Hague. Text report to SC on RTC1 approved in draft. Conclusion thereof read as follows:

“At conclusion its first interim report commission had stated it looked forward with hope to settlement of Indonesian dispute at RTC [Page 566] and, as a result, to beginning of new era for peoples of Netherlands and Indonesia.

Results achieved have justified this hope. Commission takes pleasure in reporting that in its judgment negotiations conducted at Hague were eminently successful. Commission is confident that as result of transfer of real, complete and unconditional sovereignty, the new relationship between peoples of Netherlands and Indonesia can evolve to mutual advantage of partners of Netherlands–Indonesian Union.

Commission, having participated in conference in Compliance with directive of SC, and having assisted parties to reach agreement, will continue to carry out its functions in accordance with its terms reference, and observe in Indonesia implementation of agreements reached at RTC.”

Mimeographed text reports would be available Tuesday morning and will be forwarded SC without awaiting enclosures since some delay expected in receiving translated documents.

Shortly after meeting ended I received Ushic 47.2 As will be noted from report above quoted, UNCI does not consider task finished and expects carry on as anticipated SC resolution and directive and as approved in RTC agreements. Incidentally wording re UNCI in agreement resulted in no small part from position I took following receipt Ushic 20.3

In this meeting it was understood that upon my return US I would carry with me copy text report but would not submit UNCI’S report to SC or in any other manner endeavor speak for trip [trio?]. We had previously agreed that we should be available for any emergencies in Indonesia prior transfer sovereignty and should so guard our status and terms reference as to be able continue thereafter without necessity any new authority from SC. Herremans and Critchley have already made plans for travel in Europe in anticipation likely return Batavia by December 1. Secretariat returning few days after task forwarding documents and closing out office completed.

With reference paragraph 1 Ushic 47, am sure SC will find UNCI forthright and unanimous report sufficient basis for strong expression approval results of Batavia and Hague consultations. Disagree entirely with thought that UNCI participation SC meeting this stage would assist ratification either Netherlands or Indonesia. Our strength has come through following policy of modest readiness be of assistance when needed and be able help constructively and objectively when so required. Parties have revealed at Hague they look upon US as trustworthy collaborators and freinds. They have given evidence of this confidence through requesting our continued presence as observers after sovereignty transferred. In our report we have not been hesistant in claiming credit for assistance rendered by UNCI [Page 567] and acknowledged by parties. Believe it would be entirely wrong however for US not [now] to participate in SC meetings in manner that might detract from degree to which parties themselves achieved agreement at conference sponsored by Netherlands Government. Netherlands delegation members and political leaders with whom I have spoken feel confident Netherlands ratification. Believe chances would be impaired rather than improved if part of UNCI in achieving agreement might be overplayed or if it appeared we were going SC there to make doubly sure that Netherlands would have to yield sovereignty. Ample opportunity for influencing Netherlands Government on ratification through diplomatic channels if necessary. Believe those UNCI representatives returning Batavia shortly can contribute more to Indonesian ratification there than if they were in US.

Reference paragraph 2. UNCI members have agreed entirely on all matters pertinent RTC agreement. Since I first went Batavia August ’48, UNCI has not had single split vote on substantive matters. Doubt wisdom claiming for three states represented on UNCI credit for RTC success especially when realizing that circumstances have occasionally been such during GOC and UNCI negotiations that tendency was attribute entire responsibility to SC.

Reference paragraph 3. Believe all parties receiving due appreciation in press for agreement reached. Too full measure praise should not be extended before ratification consummated. Strongly feel UNCI should not step forward too boldly this juncture recalling celebration and ceremonies that attended Renville and conscious of dangers still existing Indonesia. We have no reason give impression our task finished before sovereignty actually transferred and should be alert to render every assistance up to that date. Even then tasks are assigned to UNCI or another UN organ to be carried out after transfer.

Feeling strongly as I have here in above indicated on points at issue, I am not discussing Ushic 47 with UNCI colleagues. I regret exceedingly be called upon suggest plan now which they would know to be contrary sentiments I have consistently expressed. According to present schedule, leaving Hague tomorrow for Paris and sailing Ile de France 10th. Signed Cochran.

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