501.BC Indonesia/11–449: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands

secret   priority

985. Ushic 47. Dept considering desirability three main UNCFI reps attend as body SC meetings at which forthcoming UNCFI report considered by SC. Fol are most important of several reasons favoring UNCFI attendance:

Presence of and statement from each UNCFI member during SC consid Indo case likely aid formulation strong expression of SC approval results of Batavia and Hague consultations, with consequent beneficial effect upon ratification RTC agreements Neth and Indo;
Attendance all three UNCFI members will accord recognition role of three nations represented UNCFI during negotiations under UNCFI auspices, and make it clear that each member stands behind settlement;
Such a step shld aid in focussing attention of UN and world opinion upon notable statesmanship of parties in reaching agreement difficult issues.

Wld appreciate your evaluation impact foregoing on Dutch Governmental and public opinion. Do you perceive any other possibly serious objection such procedure? If not, suggest you discuss with colleagues and advise Dept UNCFI’s views.