856d.00/10–1649: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Beam) to the Secretary of State 1

top secret   priority

815. Consulate telegram 812.2 Lovink called me late Saturday night, gave me his account views day’s events. After meeting his advisors, [Page 531] decided not report Sultan’s demands to Hague Friday but to have further discussion with him hope he would withdraw them. This occurred Saturday morning. Sultan’s proposal as contained annex and oral explanation in essence was that Dutch Military begin withdrawal to regencies and residencies all Java, receiving communications corridors which Republics would likewise use. Lovink rejected pointing out lack guarantees for police and negara Administrations. Claims Sultan acknowledged his demands contrary cease-fire agreement. As concession Lovink then indicated willingness to make beginning applying Republic plan certain agreed areas. Said Sultan rejected insisting acceptance total plan needed avoid incidents. Lovink then said must report Hague which he did Saturday night. I mentioned Republic assurances UNCI delegation strict orders against opening fire. Said Sultan’s proposal might be maneuver anticipate and enhance bargainity restrain extremists. I mentioned consternation caused by Dutch concentration and withdrawal in connection RTC.

Stressed that if both parties issued and observed prohibition against opening fire, incidents could be avoided pending resolution impasse here. Lovink said he had given such orders but doubted Republic ability restrain extremists. I mentioned consternation caused by Dutch sweeps and indiscriminate arrests infiltrees which Lovink at first denied. He agreed, however, order his commanders review arrest situation standpoint local reaction.

Dow and I constantly in touch. Unable contact palace today re Sultan’s press statement. Please repeat immediately to Hague for Cochran this and Consulate’s 812 but urgently request that both in Washington and Hague no indication be given that Consulate had sent report prior to Lovink’s report his Government.3

  1. Repeated in telegram 549, October 18, 2 p. m., to New York (USUN).
  2. October 14, p. 526.
  3. Repeated to The Hague, October 16, 3:45 p. m., together with telegram 812, October 14, from Batavia.