501.BC Indonesia/10–1549: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Beam) to the Secretary of State


814. Gocus 809. Sultan came Batavia yesterday and saw Lovink immediately on what Republican officials allege to be dangerous situation East Java as result Netherlands actions in arresting and imprisoning TNI members and Republican civil administrators that area. Sultan left with Lovink aide-mémoire, copy of which was furnished UNCI by Republican delegation. Translation from Dutch follows:

“Military situation, especially East Java, is cause great concern to Republican Government.

“Action of Netherlands militia in East Java resulting in disarming and imprisonment of units Indonesian National Army and jailing Republican officials there cannot but lead to repercussions on part Indonesian National Army.

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“Also in eastern portion West Java, where so far military situation could be called favorable, difficulties are rapidly increasing.

“Already earlier it foreseen on Republican side that situation East Java must lead to worsening of relationships.

“In interview 6 September between Minister Defense and Dr. Van Diffelen, special representative of HRC, His Excellency already invited attention state of affairs East Java and His Excellency insisted treasures should be rapidly taken:

“Unless positive measures are taken immediately in military sense, Republican Government fears situation will arise in which solution of difficulties will become almost impossible.

“Republican Government therefore urges most strongly that conversations should take place as quickly as possible between military staffs of both parties in order see that in whole of Java arrangements should be made for:

  • “(a) Coordinated action in military sense between both parties for restoration or maintenance of law and order.
  • “(b) In connection therewith, arrangements for effective dislocation of Republican and Netherlands units, and this in light of coming transfer of sovereignty and also in connection with informal promises made at one time by HRC.”

Last sentence of aide-mémoire refers to oral understanding given to Hatta by Van Royen and Lovink regarding progressive withdrawal and concentration Netherlands troops reported Gocus 770, July 29 and Gocus 771, July 31.

Lovink’s comment on interview with Sultan was that it was “most ineffective.” Sultan’s impression of interview not as gloomy, but he obtained no commitments from Lovink who Stated that he must communicate with Hague. Sultan seeing Lovink again tonight or early tomorrow morning. Have impression from Republican quarters that mere fact Sultan made trip will temporarily ease East Java situation.

Cabinet met last evening and agreed postpone consideration East Java difficulties for two or three days, pending outcome Sultan’s talks with Lovink. Signed Dow.

Department pass Hague for Cochran.1

  1. This was done the same day.