501.BC Indonesia/1–1249: Telegram

The Consul General at Batavia (Livengood) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

secret   us urgent

69. Gocus 541. Soedjono and Soepomo called today and reported following: Darmasetiawan approached informally by Koets of NethDel yesterday with suggestion he have talk with Beel (see Gocus 5182). He declined stating he had nothing contribute. Last night Soepomo received official invitation visit Drees this morning at Palace. At meeting Drees said Netherlands now desirous negotiating with real Republican officials. Not willing to deal with Sukarno and Hatta because they were “Japanese collaborationists,” but willing recognize Sjahrir as outstanding Republican. Drees wanted discuss with Soepomo settlement under which Republican officials would support participation in work of Federalist Interim Government. According to Soepomo, he refused except on following conditions:

that Netherlands Army either be withdrawn to status quo line, or as alternative, that army be concentrated in garrisons and withdrawn from Republican centers;
that all Republican officials be given personal and political freedom and that their authority over Republican areas be recognized and maintained;
all talks be in presence GOC or other UN agency.

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Soepomo told Drees he was sure Sjahrir would not deal with Netherlands unless these preliminary conditions met. Drees said in conciliatory manner that (1) was obviously impossible and that (2) could not be carried out because in many areas local populations did not want to be under Republican rule. He cited populations of South Ashuan and Labuhan, Batu who have petitioned to join East Sumatra negara and that at most Netherlands could consider Central Java as provisional negara replacing Republic.

With reference to (3) above, Drees said Netherlands could not consent any participation by GOC, that “GOC was not impartial organization. It always acts for Republic, especially with Critchley overactive and Herremans not active enough.”

Soepomo inquired whether he could go with GOC to see Sukarno and other Republican leaders (Gocus 539,3 and 5404). Drees said if local members RepubDel went at all they would have to go alone because he “did not like to see them associated with GOC”. Soepomo told USDel he and two other RepubDel colleagues are afraid to go on such trip without GOC for fear that once in Sumatra or on Bangka they will not be permitted return Batavia.

Soedjono reported also this morning that Ozinga, head Netherlands Information Service, had conversation with member former Republican Good Will Mission to East Indonesia. Ozinga spoke quite differently from Drees and said Netherlands will go ahead with their “national mission” in accordance with their “national conscience” regardless of attitude of Republic or its survivals.

Many federalists noted around hotel here. Reported to be consulting with Drees and among themselves. Signed Lisle.

  1. Repeated in telegram 31, January 14, 3 p. m., to The Hague.
  2. Telegram 2, January 1, not printed.
  3. See footnote 4, p. 142.
  4. Supra.