840.50 Recovery/3–1649: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


836. For Harriman from State and ECA. Ref Repto cir 1411 and 144.2

We recognize necessity of undertaking to counter Communist misrepresentation [Page 96] of our East-West trade policies. You are, of course, aware of importance that this be done carefully in order avoid creating difficulties with sensitive countries, particularly Swiss and Swedes (see Toeca 270 rptd Torep 320 from Stockholm3). Suggest that any further publicity you feel necessary shd far as possible minimize ECA involvement in strategic and security considerations and emphasize that ECA role in this field based on Section 117d and its implementation. In this connection since several news stories concerning “lists” have already appeared, believe it is better admit existence of US lists if pressed and take line as fol: Secretary of Commerce has drawn up list of strategic items which we wld not export to non-participating European countries and, in order implement Section 117(d),4 ERP countries have been informed of list called “1–A list” so they wld not prejudice their chances receiving aid. “1–B list” includes items we are watching carefully because they are in potential short supply or may be of increasing strategic importance. They might later have to go on restricted “1–A list”.

We are considering possible use of Voice of America in countering Communist attacks. Wld appreciate your comment and suggestions. [State and ECA.]

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