864.00/12–1149: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State


1348. Will phone Llewellyn Thompson1 11 a. m. Washington time December 12 to say for benefit kibitzers Rakosi interview2 still not set though promised for week now past; therefore, time come for counteraction but will plead 48 hours delay. Or if Rakosi appointment fixed will so report asking in view thereof Department delay retaliatory action pending my report of interview.

Suggest Thompson in his reply agree reluctantly further delay closing Hungarian Consulates and hint blockade Hungarian West German trade imminent if Vogeler not released. Might say in view long delay we no longer demand merely right Consul see him but must now insist his release and departure from Hungary.

Suggest Department summon Hungarian Minister, read him riot act. British Foreign Office doing this Monday. British Minister here seeing Foreign Minister Monday.3 I will know result before phoning.

  1. Llewellyn E. Thompson, from July 1949 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs.
  2. Regarding the projected interview with Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Rakosi, see footnote 3 to telegram 696, December 2, from Budapest, supra.
  3. In his telegram 1350, December 12, from Budapest, not printed, Minister Davis reported that British Minister Wallinger had used the strongest terms in his December 12 interview with Hungarian Foreign Minister Káilai, but he had received not the slightest satisfaction. Káilai remained uncommunicative and indicated only that the Hungarian Government considered the charges of espionage against Sanders to be very serious (364.1121/12–1249).