121.5464/3–2349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Hungary


266. After consideration Hung expulsion Kopcsak and Merrill (ur 452 Mar 221), and taking into account analysis contained ur 459 Mar 23,2 believe inadvisable take retaliatory action at this time against members Hung Leg staff here. Action against Sik not now contemplated since his replacement wld probably be more aggressive and objectionable and such action by US might appear inconsistent US position that Min Chapin called back on consultation rather than in compliance Hung demand.3 Other Hung personnel here are of minor rank and thus far do not appear engaged objectionable activities. Consider US action to be taken soonest in charging Hung with violation human rights clauses Peace Treaty will effectively preclude any misapprehension here or in Hung lack firmness US policy Hung matters. Also feel advisable in general avoid resort methods used by Communist Govts but, shld occasion later arise which strongly warrants, US wld be strong position act against Hung personnel by reason having shown restraint and balance in face repeated provocation this regard.

In view foregoing, not issuing press release or stimulating publicity but, in event inquiries, will confirm facts re case for background info press.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Ante, p. 365.
  3. Regarding Minister Chapin’s recall, see the memorandum of conversation of February 10, by Rusk, p. 463.