864.404/1–2349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Hungary


59. Appreciate appraisal situation and views outlined ur 87 Jan 201 and 99 Jan 23.2 Though believe advisable determination any formal Dept reaction await receipt full text Hung Yellow Book, meanwhile, reply press inquiries re matter will be made informally along line US Govt categorically rejects imputations by official Hung publication of improper activities on part US Min in whom US Govt has full confidence.

While agree action Hung authorities constitutes new low and have no illusions re their intention make situation you and ur staff as difficult as possible and perhaps ultimately demand ur recall, feel effect development at least partially diminished by severe restrictions which already obtain. Dept believes, moreover, that any Amer Rep in Hung is certain become target Communist lies and abuse and that, in circumstances, US prestige among Hung people is best served, as you point out, by taking no voluntary step which might be construed as confession guilt or weakness.

In light foregoing, believe most advantageous course for present, in terms political and propaganda considerations, is to stand ground and refuse be pressured into any premature or self-penalizing action.

  1. Supra.
  2. Not printed; in it Minister Chapin reported that well-informed opinion, both Hungarian and foreign, was appalled by the effrontery of the publication in the Hungarian Yellow Book of the accusations made against the American Government, himself personally, and members of his staff (864.404/1–2349).