501.BB/8–349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


2749. In absence answer to Dept A/755, July 82 (see also Deptel 2448, July 143) we presume FonOff has no fundamental objection to our views on GA action on human rights item. We have given our [Page 261] views to Canadians at their request and propose discuss them with other govts.

Re para 6, A/755. We now inclined omit para 6 (a) providing for GA recommendation to parties that they refer to ICJ (1) either question of applicability of treaty procedures or (2) substance of disputes. As for (1) such recommendation wld be futile gesture since satellites will obviously not agree to go to Court on this issue. As for (2) GA has already expressed view that treaty proceedings are appropriate means of settlement and GA therefore shd not at this stage recommend another means of settlement, i.e., reference of disputes to ICJ. Such recommendation wld weaken our case before GA. Therefore we now believe GA shd directly request advisory opinion from Court on two procedural questions indicated in para 6 (b) of A/755.

  1. Repeated to the United States Mission to the United Nations at New York as telegram 406.
  2. Ante, p. 255.
  3. Not printed.