740.0011 EW (Peace)/7–1949

The Embassy of the Soviet Union to the Department of State


No. 90

In connection with the note of the Secretary of State of June 30, 1949,1 in which the question is put anew of the convocation of a meeting of the three chiefs of diplomatic mission for the discussion of questions touched upon by the government of the USA in notes to the missions of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania of May 31 last, the Embassy of the USSR upon instruction of the Soviet Government states the following.

The Soviet Government cannot agree with the considerations set forth in the note of the Secretary of State mentioned above. Particularly, it is impossible to agree with the assertion of the Secretary of State of the USA that measures being carried out by the governments of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania, in the course of internal government administration with the aim of defense of democracy from the encroachments on the part of pro-fascist and other organizations of a similar nature, can allegedly be put in the category of questions provided for by Article 36 of the Peace Treaty with Bulgaria, Article 40 of the Peace Treaty with Hungary, and Article 38 of the Peace Treaty with Rumania.

As was pointed out in the note of the Soviet Government of June 11 last,2 these measures of the Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Rumanian governments not only are not a violation of the peace treaties, but pursue aims provided for by those articles of the peace treaties mentioned above, which obligate the governments of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania to carry out measures for the dissolution of organizations of a fascist type and in the future not to permit the existence and activity of organizations of a similar nature directed against the democratic rights of the peoples.

Therefore, all references to violations of the peace treaties allegedly committed by Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania requiring the review of these questions in accordance with the procedure established for the review of disputes are artificial and misrepresent the actual sense of the articles of the reference peace treaties.

At the same time, the Embassy of the USSR considers it necessary to remark that the reference note of the Secretary of State, as well as the note of the Acting Secretary of State of May 31, 1949,3 does not contain any new argument in favor of the convocation of the mentioned meetings.

In view of what has been set forth above, the Soviet Government does not see any basis for review of its position which was communicated in the note of Embassy of the USSR of June 11, 1949.

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