740.0011 EW (Peace)/6–449: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


1940. After expected failure Heads of Mission in three Balkan capitals to settle disputes violations human rights clauses Peace Treaties in stipulated two-month period, Dept believes US, UK and Dominions shld be ready proceed immed to naming Comms accordance Treaties. It seems desirable, in Comm stage as in Heads of Mission stage, to consolidate the four or five disputes with each Balkan country into one dispute. Thus there would be three disputes, each between group of Allied Powers and ex-enemy state. If such amalgamation disputes agreed by US, UK and Dominions, respective Balkan Govts cld be notified when Comm stage reached and asked if any objection to proceeding in that manner. We are considering desirability naming one American, one Briton and one Rep from a Dominion to represent Allied Powers on three Comms. When agreement reached on how Allied Reps will be selected, names of prospective Reps can be brought up for consideration. Views of FonOff desired on above procedure or suggestion alternative.

Amalgamation disputes will of course necessitate close US–UK cooperation in preparation cases. Dept has asked Brit Emb to inform us what Brit Govt doing in way of preparation, so that we may arrange coordination and avoid duplication of effort.