Editorial Note

In a statement issued to the press on March 16, the Department of State denounced the violation or nonperformance by the Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Romanian Governments of their obligations under the treaties of peace. Particular attention was directed to those treaty clauses which (1) guaranteed human rights and fundamental freedoms; (2) imposed limitations on armed forces, armaments, and fortifications, and (3) protected the property rights and economic interests of the United Nations and their nationals. The statement accused the Soviet Union of having obstructed the implementation of the treaties. For the text of the statement, see Department of State Bulletin, March 27, 1949, page 391.

A much longer statement regarding the violation and nonfulfillment of the treaties of peace by Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, with the connivance of the Soviet Union, was made to the House of Commons on March 16 by British Minister of State Hector McNeil.

The texts and the timing of the release of these two statements were perfected in a series of exchanges between the Department of State and the Foreign Office included in file 740.0011 EW (Peace).