864.404/1–3149: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions


Comments addressee Missions on following Dept thinking concerning possible desirable action connection current developments satellites, with particular reference Budapest’s 114 Jan 261 and 116 Jan 262 [Page 225] will be appreciated. Dept also informing Brit Emb here indicating would like exchange views with Brit. Caution against revelation line this thinking which would detract impact action.

We have been currently reviewing earlier consideration desirability some general action with regard to satellite developments in intensification measures of oppression as instrument Soviet indirect aggression. While in some respects conquest Hung has reached lesser degree than in cases Eum or Bulg, apparent possession more complete documentation Hung pattern together with fact Mindszenty arrest has focused world spotlight Hung, suggest advisability at least initial emphasis be directed that country. Accordingly we contemplate expeditious preparation case history Sov indirect aggression Hung (Budapest’s tel 111 Jan 253) in which we believe we can conclusively document story political, economic strangulation fundamental rights and independence Hung people. Hope preparation can be completed middle March.

As presently envisaged intention would be publish indictment as official US state paper. Also foresee possible utilization in UN. In connection latter, however, believe determination exact method presentation issue in UN should advisably await intervening developments having in mind especially question whether most effective approach would be formal introduction matter before UN body possibly ECOSOC and whether circumstances would warrant action Hung alone or more appropriate expand indictment other or all satellites. With specific reference Mindszenty, our current estimate is that while Cardinal’s arrest most sensational evidence religious persecution, most forceful course would be present has persecution as part premeditated plan in perspective appropriate his prominence but not as separate entity.

Such a general indictment will, of course, carry extensive reference to violations applicable peace treaties, Dept has been considering matter expiration Mar 15 Article 39 Hung peace treaty and corresponding Articles Bulg and Rum treaties. It is our view that record Sov misuse those articles to block supervision implementation military and political clauses is already well-established and Budapest’s suggestion that effort be made convoke Chiefs of Mission between now and March 15 unnecessary and undesirable as tending emphasize our ineffectiveness in face of those Articles. Seems to us most advisable course would be utilization occasion expiration Articles March 15 to issue parallel US and UK statements (1) emphasizing record Soviet refusal cooperate and local regimes’ refusal respond direct US-UK representations absence concerted demands during 18 month period, and, in (2) marking conclusion that period, (3) stressing [Page 226] determination two powers press Hung, Bulg and Rum authorities comply obligations in future. Airgram containing suggested line such statement will be transmitted for comment as soon as possible.4

Sent Budapest, London, Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia and Moscow.

  1. Supra.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 7 to telegram 114 Budapest, above.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Circular airgram of February 14, 9:10 a. m., to the missions in London, Moscow, Praha, Warsaw, Sofia, Budapest, and Bucharest, not printed (864.404/2–1449).