711.4027/9–2749: Circular airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices 1


Dept’s airgram A-301, Sept 15, 1949, to New Delhi quoted for your info.

“Following for info and comment Emb New Delhi and Emb Karachi re US aviation policy toward USSR and Satellites (Depcirinst Jan 5 19492).

Czech airlines showing increased interest penetration Middle East area. One major objective is to establish Czech routes to Pakistan and India.

CSA operations beyond Italy to Israel and Middle East currently blocked by (1) refusal Itals grant onward rights to Lydda; (2) by action Greek Govt, taken on political grounds, refusing any access by CSA to Greek airspace; and (3) by Turks refusing permit service beyond Turkey.

While Czech is a party to International Air Services Transit Agreement, Italy is not a party; Greek Govt prohibition on CSA flights is in retaliation against Czech assistance to Greek rebels. Normally, states adhering to transit agreement are obliged grant transit rights to airlines of other parties except in event airline concerned possesses no landing rights at points beyond territory of country being transitted.

The only states of Middle East area not parties transit agreement are Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel. Thus if Czechs obtain landing rights India or Pakistan, countries along route parties to transit agreement would be required to grant transit rights. US Govt would find it difficult to make representations, under present circumstances, to states along route with view influencing those states to refuse to live up to international obligations.

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Re possible routes by Soviet controlled airlines to India and Pakistan from Far East, China is not party to transit agreement therefore countries along route who are parties to transit agreement (Burma, Siam, Singapore (Brit adherence)) would not be required grant transit rights for scheduled services. (In case of nonscheduled services, Article 5 Convention on International Civil Aviation would apply since China is party thereto.)

View key position India and Pakistan outlined above in terms success our policy, Dept would appreciate your views earliest re desirability and effectiveness making formal representations India and Pakistan along lines set forth Depcirinst Jan 5, 1949 under reference.”

  1. This airgram was sent to 17 missions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  2. See editorial note, p. 184.