711.4027/2–1449: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Belgium 1


159. Presentation US-UK Satellite aviation policy to Western Union for examination by permanent and military committees (ur 225 Feb 112) might be desirable at later date, but to adopt such procedure now would, in Depts opinion, involve risk serious delay and perhaps even weaken policy since Brussels pact powers in London would, at present stage Western Union organization, be unable handle this complicated problem with expedition it requires. Common agreement by Brussels pact powers and US is, of course, objective of ref policy, which agreement Dept believes can and should be reached, at least for time being, as result individual adherence by each country. US would see no objection to referring mutually agreed upon policy to Western Union for overall coordination with security objectives that body at some later date if circumstances then prevailing suggest desirability such course.

Info addressee missions only, Dept puzzled recurrence this variation [Page 194] approach to problem (Paris’ 400 Jan 313 and 441 Feb 24 to Dept; Depts 376 Feb 2 to London;5 London’s 490 Feb 8 to Dept 6) which recently arose in connection joint approach to French. Since Brit (London’s 490 Feb 8) have reaffirmed full UK support agreed policy Dept unwilling believe Belg suggestion inspired by Brit Emb Brussels. (Emb London requested inform Brit of US views first para above and request their support thereof vis-à-vis Belgs7).

Emb Brussels requested convey foregoing US views (first para) to FonOff and report their reaction. Emb Brussels also requested advise whether Loridan commented upon effect Belg acceptance “in principle” ref policy may be expected have on proposed exchange air rights with Poles.8

  1. Repeated to Paris, London, The Hague, Bern, Berlin, and Luxembourg.
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  3. Not printed, but see footnote 8 to telegram 376, February 2, to London, p. 189.
  4. Not printed; it reported that British officials preferred to postpone working level discussions among Americans, British, and French on implementation of Eastern European civil aviation policy (711.4027/2–249).
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  6. Not printed, but see footnote 10 to telegram 376 to London, p. 190.
  7. Telegram 594, February 16, from London, not printed, reported that the Embassy had presented the American position as outlined here at a meeting with British Foreign Office representatives The British agreed on the desirability of handling Eastern European aviation policy at the initial stage on a bilateral basis with Western European governments, particularly until a favorable reaction was received from the French (711.4027/2–1649).
  8. Telegram 249, February 16, from, Brussels, not printed, reported that the Department of State’s views as outlined here were conveyed to Director General Loridan who could not give a formal; reply but who reiterated most the arguments reported upon earlier in telegram 225, February 11, from Brussels, p. 191. The Belgians appeared to be inclined to feel that an exchange of air rights with Poland would not conflict with U.S.–U.K. civil aviation policy toward Eastern Europe (711.4027/2–1649).