711.4027/1–2849: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt ( Patterson 1) to the Secretary of State


111. Reference Department’s circular secret instruction January 5 re implementation aviation policy toward Soviets and satellites.2

[Page 188]

Czechoslovak airline operation Cairo was suspended January 18 following official notice by Foreign Office to Czechoslovak Legation temporary operating rights were canceled due military and other direct assistance being given by Czechoslovakia to Israel, and fact Czechoslovak airline provides service to Israel. Czechoslovak Chargé unsuccessfully pleaded with CAD 3 for reconsideration.

CAD officials state that of other satellite states only Poles have recently approached Egyptians for operating rights and no favorable consideration will be given Czechoslovakia or other satellites as long as they assist Israel.

In view this action Curren4 and British civil air attaché have agreed no active formal approach now necessary to Egyptian Government until situation changes.

During informal conversations with CAD only Department’s views re questionable identity Czechoslovak crews and purposes scheduled flights were mentioned. CAD took occasion mention Egypt is much more worried about Soviet and satellite penetration thru Israel than US Government appears to be.

Sent Department 111, repeated London 12, Praha, pouched Paris, Bern, Athens, Ankara, Beirut, Tehran.

  1. Jefferson Patterson, Counselor of the Embassy in Egypt.
  2. See editorial note, p. 184.
  3. Presumably the reference here is to the Egyptian government agency concerned with civil aviation.
  4. Ralph B. Curren, First Secretary and Consul at the Embassy in Egypt.