710. Consultation (4)/3–1849: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Briggs) to the Secretary of State


71. In communications to President Uruguay, Ambassador Domínguez Cámpora has expressed great satisfaction his conversations with Daniels last month and Secretary on March 15 re our interpretation Rio commitments.1 President last evening read me Ambassador’s report following Daniels’ conversation February 24 and also cable from Ambassador to effect that Secretary had fully confirmed “Daniels interpretation.”

President obviously much pleased and I gather correspondingly less apprehensive although he thereafter commented gloomy view on situation Paraguay and alleged Argentine pressure on Bolivia. He added no recent indication pressure on Uruguay but he apparently attributes this Peron’s preoccupation domestic problems and redrafting constitution rather than change of heart across river.

Sent Department 71, pouched Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Asunción, La Paz.

  1. The Secretary’s memorandum of this conversation, dated March 15, 1949, not printed, said in part: “Ambassador [Domínguez Cámpora] stated that he is entirely satisfied with the answers thus far given him by Mr. Daniels with respect to United States obligations under the 1947 Rio Treaty in any case of aggression.

    “I told the Ambassador that Mr. Daniels had spoken to me of these conversations and that I was happy to ratify everything told him by Mr. Daniels.” (711.33/3–1549)