123 Briggs, Ellis O.: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Uruguay


33. Bramuglia mentioned to ActSecy Lovett during conversation on other matters he had been concerned by reports from Montevideo that you had shown unfriendly and critical attitude toward Arg Govt. (Urtels 31 and 331) He specifically stated there was no question his presuming suggest your removal from your post. He was assured Dept knew of no basis for reports he had recd and that Dept was confident you wld not manifest any attitude which wld be prejudicial to Arg relations with Urug. He was told moreover that Amb Bruce had just written of his talks with you which indicated complete understanding and agreement between you two. In view these considerations Dept did not attribute sufficient importance to Bramuglia’s comments to give you additional preoccupation by informing you. Dept was not at that time aware of facts reported in urtel 30,2 which may have been a basis at least in part for reports recd by Bramuglia.

In view Dept confidence your services, it does not seem necessary or desirable to carry out investigation as you suggest. No press rep has made inquiry at Dept on this subject and Dept believes any official public statement wld give unnecessary weight to matter which might [Page 788] provoke controversy and undesirably affect your usefulness and US relations with Urug and Arg more than official silence.3

  1. Telegram 33, February 19, from Montevideo, not printed.
  2. Not printed, but see telegram 31, February 18, from Montevideo, p. 783.
  3. In telegram 41, March 1, from Montevideo, not printed, Ambassador Briggs requested that the Department convey to the Uruguayan Ambassador (Domínguez Cámpora) the substance of the message contained in Deptel 33, and added: “Such a message, reaching President Batlle Berres via his Ambassador, would undoubtedly be helpful to me.” A marginal handwritten note indicates that Mr. H. H. Tewksbury, Chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs, spoke to the Ambassador on March 11, 1949. (123 Briggs, Ellis O.)