714.44A15/4–348: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Colombia


Bogdel 139. For Daniels. Brit Emb Wash has informed Dept in letter addressed to Woodward by Counselor Hadow as follows (reDelbog 28, Apr. 3, 11 p. m.):

“With the utmost desire to be cooperative and, particularly, to assist the United States Delegation at Bogotá in its difficult task, His Majesty’s Government do not see that these one-sided proposals contain [Page 91] anything new which could be used as a basis for negotiation. I am further instructed to express to you informally our apprehensions as to the mainspring of Guatemalan action since the Arévalo Government came into power.”

The letter continues with itemized indications of alleged Communistic tendencies on part of Guatemalan officials and states inter alia “It would therefore seem necessary that a thorough investigation should be made of the Guatemalan Government’s connexions and motives before support is lent, by the Pan American Conference, to Guatemalan demands or pretensions.”