Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Deputy Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs (Woodward)


Subject: Lack of Progress in Effecting Withdrawal of British Troops from Belize

I telephoned Mr. Hadow to mention to him that we had received a telegram from our Embassy at Guatemala indicating that the Guatemalan Government had replied on March 24 to the British note of March 31 concerning possible arbitration of the Belize controversy. The Guatemalan reply stated that Guatemala is not disposed, for the time being, to treat the question of arbitration because the presence of British troops in the disputed territory creates an unfavorable atmosphere for this purpose. Mr. Hadow said that he had already discussed this note with Mr. Newbegin and had given him a copy.

I mentioned again to Mr. Hadow that we had hoped the British Government would be disposed to withdraw the troops from Belize, in order that we might have a better chance of fulfilling the British wish that discussion concerning the Guatemalan resolution on colonies; at the Bogotá Conference be kept at a minimum. Mr. Hadow said that; he understood this aspiration and that he would continue to try to persuade his Government to remove the troops, even though he has received an indication from London that the British Government is very reluctant to do this because of the feeling of uncertainty in Belize.

Robert F. Woodward
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