Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Central America and Panama Affairs (Newbegin)

Participants: Sr. Ismael Gonzalez Arévalo, Ambassador of Guatemala
Mr. Paul C. Daniels, Director for ARA
Robert Newbegin—CPA

Ambassador Gonzalez Arévalo called at the Department’s request in order that Mr. Daniels might deliver to him the Department’s [Page 86] memorandum regarding Belize in reply to the memorandum which the Ambassador had delivered on March 18. The Ambassador read the Department’s memorandum with care and made no immediate comment. Mr. Daniels expressed the opinion that the memorandum did not constitute perhaps exactly what the Guatemalan Government had desired but reflected the U.S. viewpoint under present world conditions, as had been brought out in previous conversations with the Ambassador.

With reference to the possibility of the simultaneous withdrawal of the recently arrived British troops from Belize and the withdrawal of the Guatemalan troops to their previous stations, the Ambassador expressed himself as in accord, and stated that at that time Guatemala would be willing to re-open the frontier. Mr. Daniels inquired whether there was any specific reason why the Guatemalan Government was continuing to keep the frontier closed, and was informed that this was due to political considerations in connection with difficulties with Great Britain. He indicated no possibility of any immediate change in that policy.

[Here follows discussion of various other subjects.]

R[obert] N[ewbegin]