831.6363/9–1448: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Donnelly) to the Secretary of State


676. I informed President Gallegos today my impressions Communist influences in petroleum industry in Venezuela based upon observations and conversations during my recent visits oil fields (reEmbtel 609 August 17 and 634 August 301). I gave him facts and figures on infiltration Communist labor syndicates in strategic operations including transportation ports, pipelines, power plants and refineries. Also told him about Communist influence in other fields, said that Communist labor syndicate leaders very active in field, while it was my impression that leaders other labor syndicate (AD) seldom visit interior of country. President manifested keen interest in my statements and said he would instruct army to remove dangerous Communist elements from strategic points in case emergency and he would instruct AD labor leaders visit interior at once and maintain regular contacts with AD labor syndicates. He asked me give him in strict confidence some data I collected on Communist activities remarking that he intended get to work on this problem at once. I consider meeting most satisfactory and am inclined believe that from now on government and army will be on alert against Communism in oil fields and at other strategic points in Venezuela.

  1. Neither printed.