The Secretary of State to the Uruguayan Ambassador ( Domínguez Cámpora )


The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of Uruguay and has the honor to refer to the Department’s note of July 15, 19481 concerning the status of the lend-lease account of the Government of Uruguay, and reporting the overall status of the various contingent accounts as of June 30, 1948.

The following statement summarizing the status of the Uruguayan account as of December 31, 1948 is based upon records maintained both by the Treasury Department and the Department of State:

Total payments received $7,800,000.00
Net charges under the Lend-Lease Agreement $2,514,833.34
Funds transferred to “Cash” lend-lease 175,356.36
Funds transferred to the Foreign Liquidation Commissioner $1,333,191.48
Less refunds 6,548.12
Funds transferred for “Miscellaneous Disbursement” 241,988.33
Total reported charges $4,258,821.39
Balance due to the Government of Uruguay as of December 31, 1948 $3,541,178.61
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While, for the present, the above figures may not be considered to be final it is the hope of this Department that all final reportings will be received soon thus permitting the closing out of these accounts to the mutual satisfaction of both Governments.

It is requested that the above statement be treated on a most confidential basis.

  1. Not printed.