834.00/8–1148: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State


374. ReDeptel 138, August 9.1 Following comments submitted:

As already reported Embassy cannot believe situation as serious as Washington Brazilian Embassy evidently thinks. Furthermore, Brazilian Ambassador Asunción has same view American Embassy. We have reason to believe alarming information originated with Brazilian Ambassador Buenos Aires.
President Frutos2 at lunch American Embassy yesterday said friends of Perón3 along Paraguay River have been supplied arms by Argentine President but that their movement lacks popular support.
Frutos added Natalicio González will take office fifteenth and he, Frutos, will resume presidency Supreme Court.
President added government has good control situation and that army is with government. He minimized sign painting Asuncion streets night before last which he attributed to Communists.
He and Minister Foreign Affairs stated no Argentine delegate yet named which Frutos classified as a disrespect, rebuff to Paraguay.
As Department knows, Embassy is concerned long-range attitude Argentina toward Paraguay but does not believe any overt action against her imminent.
Embassy does not believe Department would be warranted supporting move bring situation before committee of five. We don’t like present situation but do not consider any such move in best interest of Paraguay or Western Hemisphere.

Repeat to Army.

Sent Department 374; repeated Rio 29; Montevideo 15; Buenos Aires 69.

  1. Supra.
  2. Juan Manuel Frutos, elected Provisional President after President Higinio Morínigo was overthrown on June 3, 1948. For documentation on this situation, see pp. 108111.
  3. Juan D. Perón, President of Argentina.