810.50 Buenos Aires/2–949: Circular airgram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics

At a plenary session on February 7, and on the basis of replies from a majority of the American governments to a recent inquiry by the Inter-American Economic and Social Council regarding possible postponement of the Buenos Aires Economic Conference, the Council postponed the Conference from March 28 to a date sometime in the latter half of 1949. The governments have been informed by telegram, and an announcement issued to the press on February 9.

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When the Council has completed preparations for the Conference, and after consultation with the Argentine Government, a new date will be fixed. In their replies to the inquiry by the Council regarding possible postponement, a number of the American governments stressed that the Conference should not be postponed beyond the second half of the year. The reason for the present postponement was inability of the Council to complete the necessary preparatory work, due largely to a failure by most governments to provide economic information needed by the Council for its pre-conference studies and reports.