810.20 Defense/9–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State


789. At request of Commander in Chief Caribbean1 Embassy approached Minister Gobierno in order ascertain what Panama is prepared to do, with regard to subversive persons and possible attempts at sabotage, in event outbreak of hostilities. Meeting was subsequently arranged between Chief of Staff Caribbean, Minister Gobierno, high Panamanian police officers and representative of Embassy at which time Panamanian officials gave categorical assurances of complete cooperation.

In accordance with procedure followed at outbreak of last war, Panamanians agreed to incarcerate immediately all persons deemed dangerous by Caribbean command. All non-Panamanians will be turned over to US custody. …

Our military authorities were well pleased with result of these interviews.

  1. Ambassador Davis reported in telegram 844, November 1, 9 a. m., that the Commander in Chief, Caribbean Command (Ridgway) had expressed an interest, in view inauguration new President on October 1 and appointment of new Cabinet, in the attitude of the then Minister of Gobierno on this subject. Ambassador Davis stated: “Accompanied by Chief of Staff, Caribbean, I called upon Minister of Gobierno and high Panamanian police officers this morning. The minister gave assurances of complete willingness his Ministry and Panamanian Government to cooperate in every way in the interest of security of Canal, and confirmed details of understanding reached with his predecessor.” (810.20 Defense/11–148)