Editorial Note

For agreement between the United States and Mexico respecting temporary migration of Mexican agricultural workers, superseding the agreements of April 26, 1943, and March 10, 1947, effected by exchange [Page 646] of notes signed at Mexico, February 20 and 21, 1948, entered into force February 21, 1948, see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1968, or 62 Stat. (pt. 3) 3887; for the Departmental announcement on the agreement, see the Department of State Bulletin, March 7, 1948, page 317.

On October 18 the Mexican Government declared that the United States had violated the agreement by permitting the illegal entry of Mexican farm workers into Texas from the Mexican border near El Paso and, consequently, that the Mexican Government considered the February 21 agreement as abrogated (note from the Mexican Embassy, October 18, 811.504 Mexico/10–1848); for Department of State press release, “U.S. to investigate Mexican charges of illegal entry of Mexican workers”, see the Department of State Bulletin, October 21, 1948, page 562. For the United States note in reply, October 22, and the Mexican Embassy’s note of October 23, accepting this expression of regret and promise of corrective measures, see ibid., November 7, 1948, pages 585–586.

The Mexican Government accepted the United States proposal that conversations be held to formulate a revised agreement beginning early in January 1949 (memoranda by the Department of State to the Mexican Embassy, October 27 and December 20, 1948, 811.504 Mexico/10–2348 and /12–2048.)

For previous documentation on arrangements for migration of Mexican agricultural workers into the United States, see Foreign Relations, 1947, volume VIII, pages 823 ff.