The Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador (Colina)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of Mexico and has the honor to refer to recent conversations held with His Excellency by officers of the Department of State in connection with the negotiations which have been conducted in Mexico City between the Government of Mexico and the American Embassy there.

Due to a series of circumstances which have prevented the reaching of a settlement plan for the liquidation of the Mexican Government’s lend-lease accounts, during negotiations in Mexico of more than a year’s duration, it has been decided that all further negotiations in respect to lend-lease matters will be conducted in Washington. The Department, therefore, in the very near future, will renew its conversations with the Embassy and hopes that, as a result of this action an early and mutually satisfactory settlement arrangement may be achieved.1

  1. These conversations, interrupted in the summer of 1949, were resumed in 1950 and resulted in an agreement of February 24, 1951; exchange of notes, transmitted to the Department in despatch 2141, February 26, 1951 from Mexico, not printed (712.56/2–2651).