The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Haiti

No. 56

The Secretary of State refers to the Department’s instruction No. 44 of April 16, 1948 on the subject of the lend-lease accounts of the Government of Haiti.

For the information of the Embassy the Department has been informed by the Lend-Lease Fiscal Office of the Treasury Department that a statement covering “Lend-Lease Requisitions on a Cash Reimbursable Basis” billed through the period ending December 31, 1947 has been transmitted to the Embassy of Haiti in Washington. This statement indicates that, from a total amount billed of $24,989.81 and after deducting a credit amounting to $9,237.46, a balance of $15,752.35 remains due.

For the further information of the Embassy authority has now been granted to the Office of the Field Commissioner, Office of the Foreign Liquidation Commissioner, to offer to the Government of Haiti the Coast Guard Cutter, leased under Charter Party Agreement, at a price of $6,000. The original procurement cost of this vessel was $140,000.