The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Ecuador

No. 94

The Secretary of State transmits herewith for the confidential information and records of the Embassy a copy of a note dated June 29, 1948,1 received from the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington in which there is submitted a proposal for the settlement of the Ecuadoran lend-lease accounts. Also transmitted is a copy of the Department’s note,1 in reply to the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington from which it will be noted that it has been determined that settlement for the several vessels leased to the Government of Ecuador under Charter Party Agreements, contingent to the lend-lease program must be made in United States dollars. This is a change from the Department’s earlier position as indicated in instruction No. 85 of June 30, 1948,1 and has been made necessary by certain recent information received from the Department of the Navy.

Any further action taken in connection with the balance of the Ecuadoran accounts will be reported to the Embassy at an appropriate time.

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