710.J/2–2748: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to American Diplomatic Officers in the Other American Republics Except Nicaragua 1

Committee of Gov Bd, PAU, comprising representatives Chile, USA, Braz, Mex and Haiti, has submitted report for consideration Gov Bd Mar 8 on participation by Nicaragua in Bog Conf.2

Citing established principle that all Amer states may be represented as of right in all inter-American confs, Committee recommends that Gov Bd express opinion to Col Govt (which had requested Gov Bd’s advice) that Nic should participate in Bog Conf, leaving to Col Govt decision as to how Govt of Nic would be invited or notified. Committee further expresses view that if Nic should attend Bog Conf, it would imply no obligation on any other govt to change its bilateral relations with present Nicaraguan regime.3

US representative supported above report along with representatives Haiti and Mex. Representatives Braz and Chile dissented under instructions.

If queried by FonOff, you may say US supports recommendations of Gov Bd Committee outlined above.

  1. Repeated to the Embassy in Nicaragua for information.
  2. For additional information on this subject, see the Bulletin of the Pan American Union, vol. 82, 1948, p. 284.
  3. For documentation on the question of United States recognition of Nicaragua, see pp. 99 ff.