818.00/4–1248: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica (Davis) to the Secretary of State

secret   us urgent

142. Foreign Minister calling meeting chiefs Mission 2 p. m. indications request intervention Corps. Thanked me efforts mytel 138, April 11, stated events developed to point President believes only alternative house to house defense San José place safety city hands Diplomatic Corps.1

Vanguardia and Calderon factions issuing urgent radio calls all supporters gather CTCR headquarters. Just informed Telephone Central taken over by Vanguardia and forcing all politically doubtful operators leave. Fighting apparently progressed from Cartago now at Tres Rios.

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Sent Department 142; repeated Central American Missions. Communication to Limon cut.

  1. The Costa Rican Government also asked the Diplomatic Corps, if possible, to arrange a settlement of the general political problem; the Corps chose the Papal Nuncio, American, Mexican and Panamanian Ambassadors and the Chilean Chargé (secretary and rapporteur) to attempt to comply with the Government’s request, according to telegram 143, April 12, 4 p. m., not printed, from Ambassador Davis (818.00/4–1248).