818.00/3–2548: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State


118. As partially indicated numerous telegrams since outbreak armed hostilities, Embassy repeatedly called upon protect US Government property and personnel in public roads camps. Each instance when information received by radio-phone San José public roads office re personal danger, attempted requisitions, lack adequate protection and other threats, Embassy has made representation to Foreign Office which usually gets action from proper authorities. Nevertheless, either through lack complete control police other authorities areas outside capital or due general supine attitude such protests have elicited only ad hoc relief and some gasoline and tires have actually been taken. Small number American employees endeavoring preserve US Government property valued at approximately three million dollars but at some personal risk. In view ineffective results Embassy’s constant efforts thus far, does Department have suggestion other course of action.1

  1. Acting Secretary Lovett informed Ambassador Davis in telegram 75, March 29, 6 p. m., not printed, that Ambassador Gutiérrez had been informed of the concern of the Department of State for lack of adequate protection of United States property and particularly of United States personnel engaged in guarding it, and that while the Department had no specific suggestions to make it was confident the Embassy would continue its efforts in this respect (818.00/3–2548).